Morocco is one of the best natural destinations that inspire people for geological tours. This North African country is with huge territories of uncovered shake extending, brimming with fossils and minerals, which extend from the pre-Cambrian to the Recent. The nation is overwhelmed by the Atlas Mountains which drop down to a waterfront plain on the western side and the Sahara Desert on the eastern side. Because of the dry conditions, quite a bit of surface isn't vegetated making it simple to watch the stones and comprehend the topography.

We are one of the reliable geological tours organizers that offer Travel on desert courses that once facilitated the Paris - Dakar Rally, to see unimaginable miracles: collapsed rocks, transcending sand hills, metal mines and the site upon the site where trilobites, ammonites, sharks teeth, and even dinosaur remains can be found. Over this Morocco has stunning food, typically served up in a Tagine! It is a gathering purpose of societies where Africa and the Arab World meet Europe. The old city of Marrakech, a World Heritage Site, is the beginning and completing the purpose of a significant number of our visits.